Postdoc Position for Energy Harvesting Sensor Node

ACTIVEcharge LLC is seeking a postdoctoral researcher in the area of energy harvesting and power electronics. This position provides exciting opportunities to develop battery-free sensor nodes by utilizing wasted vibration and kinematic energy. Possible application includes wind turbine monitoring sensors, tire pressure monitoring sensors, and human/animal implantable sensors.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD, a strong background in power electronics, and most likely a degree in electrical engineering with understanding of electro-mechanical systems. The candidate must have experience in power management circuit design (impedance matching, charging, and integration with end application/sensor) and prototype fabrication for small scale (mW~W, mm~cm) energy harvesters as well as data acquisition (voltage, power). In addition, the candidate should have excellent communication (written and verbal English skill) and interpersonal skills and be a good team player.

This is a joint appointment by UMBC and ACTIVEcharge LLC, with the compensation of $50,000/year plus health insurance. Position may be renewable after the first year. Application should be sent to with a cover letter and resume/CV. Questions can be sent to

Job Descriptions:

  • Design/optimization power management circuit for small power electronics (energy harvesting)
  • Harvester prototyping and integration with power storage and end application (sensor)
  • Proposal development

Required Skills:

  • Circuit design tools: LTspice, PSIM, or EAGLE
  • Computer programming language (e.g. MATLAB, C++)

Desired Skills:

  • NI DAQ with LabView (function generation, data acquisition)
  • Experience with wireless transmission module (e.g. ZigBee) and vibration sensor (accelerometer)
  • Optimization: theoretical background or experience with software is a plus